Arrivo- Real Time Travel Updates


Arrivo is a travel app originating from Sydney that operates in several cities worldwide. The identity system was constructed from each of the city’s centre points or main intersections, by tracing each point on their respective maps.

Original logo


Can public transport be presented as something more personal? Can it be abstracted? Can it have a bit more character or should it be static and purely informative? What does travel really mean to us?


Main intersection of Sydney CBD

Logo 1-Sydney

Arrivo exists in various cities from Sydney to Austin Texas. Using the concept of the centre point of a city being its hub and heart, each mark is created using the map as a reference point.


After the initial trace each component was marked with a shade of green chosen for it’s friendly and accessible nature. A shadow was then added to balance out the mark from a graphical aspect.

Other logo examples




Wellington- New Zealand

Logo Type

As our logos/icons were broken up pieces of maps, we chose to continue the theme in the logo type, using a crystal to break up sections of the “V” in Arrivo. We often think of systems like transport as linear and simple, but the reality is they are often complex and chaotic, especially when it comes to public transport. (well at least in Sydney anyways) Therefore the breaking of the type worked well in this situation.

Final logo type.

Final logo (Sydney)

Additional logos

Brand collateral

Digital and print collateral pieces.


Keeping information flow easy to read to avoid clutter. Add extra functionality to stand out from the competition. Improve UIX. Increase user base to tourists.



Local mode/Tourist mode

In order to increase usability the app was separated into two modes. One for tourists and one for locals. As a local is already familiar with their city and probably just wants to receive the most necessary information while going about their daily routine, the local mode is stripped back to looking up routes, stops, modes of transport and saving favourites. However if the user wants to switch on extra api’s to plan trips like in local mode this too can be done.

Tourist mode however is based around arriving for the first time. It features, trip planning and saved preferable locals such as tourist attractions, restaurants and the necessary suggested methods to get to them. This increases usability to both new-comers and citizens using the Arrivo app.


131 500 is a thing of the past

Arrivo grabs your location and displays all possible routes to your chosen location. All the while giving you timetable and real-time travel information