The Design Centre Enmore (DCE) is Sydney TAFE’s creative hub, home to many of Australia’s best-known design courses. Students can pursue studies in industrial, jewellery, graphic, interior, event and entertainment design, 3D animation, concept art and illustration.

Design Centre Enmore publishes a quarterly magazine to display course information and to promote the college. We used a strategy based on the students and experience of studying at Enmore Tafe, since it is truly the students that are at the core of any college.
Remember at the end of the day: It’s all about you.

In order to tell the story of life at the college, we constructed a few blunt statements, that came to be known as “The Shouting”. Not intended to be aggressive per sea, more “transparent” as the colleges attitude to design is one of no nonsense, just learning.

Brand language

We will throw you in the deep end  •  Knee deep in it  •  We won’t tell you you’re pretty  •  We won’t tell you you’re cool  •  But we will make you real  •  Real people  •  Real work  •  Real dreams Real respect  •  It’s not about the money  • It’s about the talent  •  It’s about YOU.