Teddy Kim “entertainologist” is an up and coming K-pop star from Sydney Australia, made famous for his impersonations and comedy styled fun upbeat music.

When it came to branding his latest single “Kimchi” (the stable Korean food) we wanted to create imagery that one: reflected the principles of the brand (having fun, being loud and celebrating life through colour) and two: demonstrated the theme of the song, reflecting the humor in the lyrics. Therefore we created characters of chillis and the vegetables involved in creating the meal, cabbage, spring onions, etc. (we also threw in some toast for good measure) which is in-tune to the spirit of the Teddy Kim brand.

Logo Type/Pattern Concept

Taken from traditional Korean patterns which use line and shape to express elements and stories, which were roughly traced and reconfigured using a bladed edge to represent heat and fire. The edges were then applied to the logo type, which originally was made from the font Baron Neue.



Final Image

Final Poster

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