Qube On Bay is a cafe located in Sydney. Known for being one of the first cafes to bring in specialty blends to Sydney, their love of coffee and all that revolves around it is unparallelled. The business revolves around the owner Jay Park and his larger than life personality.
Knowing all his costumers by name and always having something to say, he truly is a “diamond in the rough”. Like him or hate him, Qube is definitely well known in the local community.

Therefore we set out to create a brand that was striking and unique, one that would stand out amongst the coffee croud and avoid all the hand-written fonts and brown paper bags. The key to achieving this was to use a symbol that reflected the owner’s personality for all it’s quirks as he truly is the backbone to the business.


The cube has long be used as a symbol in metaphysics as it contains every shape in the universe along its trajectory- much like the brand, there’s a bit of everything in there. Beginning with an outline of a hexagonal cube constructed of lines, (1) certain areas were filled to create a more solid shape. (2) The last step shows an internal core being created to add depth to the logo resulting in a more 3D appearance. (4)


Gotham Black was chosen as logo type for its geometric features and the relationship of how the “Q” and the cube sat beside each other.


The second version of the identity focuses on a friendlier colourful form of communication as opposed to the bolder unique language of the first.

The type was moved to the center, the outline made thinner and an array of colours were added to show different states and moods.


In our final iteration the hexagon/cube was further refined by designer Jamie Shin to include rounded edges with an orange and black colour palette.

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